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"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast" - Alice in Wonderland

Go ask Alice; Inspired by the song "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane

This scent is a delicate and subtle fragrance that exudes a sense of tranquillity and purity. It has a clean and airy aroma, with gentle floral and herbal nuances. It is a fresh and slightly sweet fragrance that carries a soothing and calming quality that evokes relaxation and serenity. 

Essence of fragrant Italian bergamot, aromatic jasmine and steeped white tea.



  • Coconut Soy Wax blend in clear simple elegant and timeless glassware.
  • Composed of an exquisite blend of Australian essential oils & fragrance oils which are phthalate-free and crafted with cotton wicking. 
  • Our 400g glassware is designed to be repurposed. Gently hand wash in warm soapy water and let it live uniquely on


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gwen Hamilton

purchased 3 go ask alice candles to be placed in our airbnb. Received so many compliments from guests, they loved the fresh subtle floral scent. Please make a room spray in this scent, it would be absolutely fantastic!

Genevieve Thornefield
Beautiful candles

I received a kapsoura candle as a Christmas gift and would most definitely recommend. absolutely loved this candle. the scent was so lovely, fresh and soft. and the packaging, omg, never seen anything like this from a small business, so classy, different and gorgeous! this brand may be my new favourite

Stephanie Papas
such a beautiful fresh scent

This candle was given to me as a gift, and I absolutely love it! its fresh scent is just gorgeous. So beautiful and clean and the packaging is stunning! I can't wait to try out the other scents.

Nicky Con
A Total Sensorial Experience

This is my go to candle when I need to relax and inhale the gentle floral scent. It is a beautiful soothing candle that evokes calmness. Jasmine and White Tea blend is amazing. A perfect candle for anyone that needs tranquility. Absolutely beautiful!